• Hana Lukac
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  • Hana Lukac

    Hana’s great passion for movement originates in the years of using her body at a physical capacity through classical ballet and theatre acting. Exploring different ways of movement, she discovered yoga and fell in love with it. After years of practicing a variety of different styles of yoga, she completed her teachers training program in vinyasa flow in Bali, Indonesia. Given her dance background, Hana loves the flow and puts great emphasis on precision and “hands on” adjustments.

    Hana has taught in Norway, Serbia, Croatia, Bali, England and Canada.

    She is the director of Mula Yoga Teacher Training Program.

    In her classes, prepare to smile a lot, work hard and sweat.

    She is eternally grateful for the opportunity to study under Vidya Jacqueline Haisel, Seane Corn, Ray Long, Chuck Miller and Annie Carpenter.

  • Scotty Mac
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  • Scotty Mac

    After finding his way to yoga for the physical benefits, Scott was quickly drawn into the deeper layers of the practice. He dedicated himself to daily practice and began to discover the many tools that yoga has to offer.  Scott integrates elements from the ancient tradition with a modern, dynamic teaching style that focuses on the needs of the student moment by moment. He hopes to offer a space in which to combine his love of movement with his passion for alignment and breath, and to share how using these principles can help us to stay present and grounded on and off the mat.

    Scott’s greatest strength as a teacher comes from his dedication to and exploration of his own personal practice. He believes that we can all come to a greater realization of our potential through the practice of yoga. Scott gives much thanks to his teacher, JP Tamblyn-Sabo, for his wisdom, his mentorship and his passion for the practice.

  • Shawna Turner
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  • Shawna Turner

    Shawna is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor specializing in movement as therapy. Shawna grew up as a competitive gymnast and developed a love for movement at an early age. She studied Vinyasa flow yoga in Bali, Indonesia and has strong roots in this style. Having practiced many forms of yoga over the years she believes that there is a style of yoga for everyone.

    Incorporating core work with physical postures, breathing and relaxation exercises Shawna prides herself on keeping her sessions fun and innovative leaving you with a truly unique yoga experience.

  • Julia Lee
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  • Julia Lee

    Julia is a graduate of Semperviva Yoga College in Vancouver, B.C. and Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre in Toronto, ON., and has obtained over 200 hours of additional training in yoga philosophy and anatomy with renowned teachers such as Sri Dharma Mittra, Danny Paradise, Seane Corn, and Natasha Rizopoulos. Since beginning her journey into yoga, she hasn’t stopped learning about, practicing, teaching and falling in love with the practice.

    As an instructor, she strives to make yoga accessible for every body and encourage each student to tap into their own strength and power so that they can grow — not only physically, but also mentally. Expect Julia’s classes to light you up through a combination of creative, intelligent sequencing that balances alignment and flow with rest and relaxation and leaves you feeling refreshed and restored.

  • Amica Hilton
    Amica's bio Amica
  • Amica Hilton

    Amica started a daily Ashtanga practice in 2006. She found the practice challenging and intense, but the method left her feeling calm and grounded. Over the years Amica has studied with many experienced teachers and inspiring senior practitioners whose wisdom, kindness and passion for this practice have lit her way. Each has played a unique and integral part in her journey.  She continues to work on her own practice with daily guidance from David Robson at Ashtanga Yoga Centre Toronto and through trips to Mysore, India to study with her Guru, Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute.

    Amica’s teaching abilities include both traditional Ashtanga classes and vinyasa, or flow style classes. In 2007 she completed a Vinyasa training with Downward Dog Yoga Centre and began to explore the art of teaching. In Amica’s guided flow classes she aims to create unique sequences that draw from her Ashtanga background and love for movement, breath, and music. She hopes to help her students build strength, flexibility, balance, and experience all the good that can be had from practicing yoga.

    Amica is excited to share and explore yoga with the beautiful community at Mula!